Blynk app fails using Wifi mesh network

I reported in earlier topic that the new blynk app stops responding using mesh network. The title didn’t include that is was a wifi mesh network so maybe it didn’t get the attention of Blynk since nobody from Blynk responded. Please realize this makes the new Blynk app unusable as you don’t know when it stops responding as everything looks normal until you realize the data isn’t being updated. Can someone from Blynk respond so I know at least they are looking at it?

I use mesh too, I never got issues.
Maybe your ping time is to high :thinking:

I am not sure what you mean by ping time. I send the data to the Blynk cloud every 5 seconds. I am using a particle photons but didn’t have issues with the old Blynk app. I have troubleshot extensively as I detailed here. Blynk App stops responding when moving between mesh networks

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As you’ve created a new topic instead of editing the title of your old one (which did include mesh anyway). I’ve closed the old topic so that there is a single point of reply for this issue on the forum.

I stopped responding to your issue because you didn’t seem willing to test both apps side by side on the same device, and didn’t seem to appreciate my suggestions because you obviously think that your networking experience is superior to mine.

We’ll see if anyone from Blynk has anything to offer, but TBH you’d be better raising an issue here:

and stating your phone make/model/OS version, and the Blynk app version, and sending app logs to the developers from within the Blynk app.


I am sorry you thought that. I was trying to be satirical and it didn’t come across that way. I did try to edit the name but wasn’t able to figure out how. I also thought the title might be misleading as Particle had a mesh network at one time. I don’t know how to test the same device at the same time on both platforms. I tried and the Blynk library won’t allow to Auth codes. I then used two devices running the exact same code with two phones on the same wifi network to duplicate the issue. Any further advice on how to test the same device at the same time on both Blynk apps would be appreciated.

You can downgrade the Blynk lib to 0.6.x, compile your old code and upload.

See if that works as it should. If it works !!

Them upgrade the Blynk lib to 1.0.x, compile your new code and upload.

Make sure you have the dedicates auth tokens for Blynk legacy and BlynkIoT. And also use the app respectively.

I was meaning having Blynk Legacy and Blynk IoT apps running on the SAME phone, connecting to DIFFERENT devices.

Then you eliminate any issues with the phone dropping its connectivity as it roams between mesh stations and see the result on both Blynk apps.


I tested the apps running at the same time on the same phone and the symptom changed somewhat. With both apps running in the background if I have Blynk Iot displayed and move between mesh networks it stops responding. As soon as I bring Blynk Legacy to display and then return Blynk Iot to the display it starts responding. Blynk Legacy never fails during this testing.

I did not understand what you are trying to say.

Have you updated your ESP Core ? 3.0.1 ?

I think you should start by reading he original post, then this one.
It’s not a Blynk library or ESP core issue, it’s an app issue.


I did. But i dont have much intelligence to understand the high end english.

It’s about the IoT app losing connectivity to the Blynk server when roaming between stations in a mesh network, which didn’t happen with the Legacy app.
Nothing to do with hardware devices, library versions, ESP core etc etc.


That is what I feel also. Most people don’t use a phone in wifi mode only for the app so they won’t see this. I first saw it using a tablet as that is the primary device I use with the Blynk app. I then switched to an old phone that has no sim card in it and it showed the same problem.