Blynk App stops responding when moving between mesh networks

I have a BBQ monitor that I have had for a couple years running the Blynk app. I moved to the new app and have found when I take my phone from one location at my residence to another it will stop responding. I exit the dashboard back to the tile screen and it shows online. I have to back completely out of the Blynk app and back in and it starts responding immediately. I have this problem happen on a Samsung phone in airplane mode and a Samsung tablet. The code on the BBQ monitor was only changed to allow the new Blynk app and notifications where changed from a third party to the Blynk app. I am using a Particle Photon for the BBQ monitor.

I shutdown one of my routers so just the main router was working and Blynk responded all the time. The problem I have is I need the Wifi mesh network at my house to have complete coverage. All my Blynk apps worked fine with this setup under the old Blynk app. Because the new Blynk app doesn’t give any indication when viewing a device that it isn’t updating I am not able to use Blynk anymore. I will need to come up with a different way to monitor my devices.I need to know when monitoring a device that it is being updated. Has anyone else seen this issue when using a Wifi mesh network?
I thought Blynk 2.0 was out of beta when I started paying for it but it isn’t. I have seen many issues when configuring templates and devices.

So are you running both apps side by side on the same device, and seeing the Legacy app working perfectly and the IoT not, at exactly the same time?


No. I have been using the Blynk app for years. I have 3 devices that are online continuously and 1 device I use when smoking meat. During that time not once did I experience the devices not updating when monitoring them. I moved them over to the new Blynk app without testing them before deleting the old projects in the old app. At first I thought I was having problems with the firmware on the devices with the new app but finally determined the app itself wasn’t responding. With further testing I was able to determine when I moved from one location to another in my house it would go down. Problem occurs when I am in a location where both routers can be received. It will then randomly go down.

You can’t eliminate a network or phone issue unless you test the Legacy and IoT apps side by side.


After 40 plus years in network communications I always never said it wasn’t my problem. So this is what I did. I have two devices monitoring Temp and Humidity. I control them with Blynk and can see the memory locations update when I set the new Temp/Humidity.
I put one device back on the old Blynk app. I took two phones set on the same wifi network as the devices with one on the old app and one on the new app. With both running I verified I could update the Temp memory on each.
I then went into my metal shop where the other router is and checked both apps to see if I could update the Temp memory. The old app I was able to update the memory. The new app I wasn’t able to update the memory. After waiting a couple minutes it still didn’t respond. I backed up one screen to the device screen and it showed the device online. I then backed out of the app and back in and I was able to control it.
I then went back into the house where the main router is and the same thing happened again.