Blynk app dont see template from webdashboard

Hi everyone. I have a problem with the blynk mobile app not seeing webdashboard templates.

Could someone please help me?

Are you using Edgent?

If not, have you created a device from your template in the web browser?
If you are using Edgent, have you done the “+ add device” process in the app and provisioned the board?


Tkanks for Answer.

I have two devices. One is gsm and another wifi as receiver for lora transceivers.

Wifi device is without edgent code.

Have you tried clearing the web browser cache and cookies ?

You haven’t really answered my questions.

It’s difficult to help if you don’t help us to understand the actual issue.


Yes i have system reinstall

Have you tried log out/log in ?

Before that, everything was working normally. Now I can’t see devices and templates in my mobile app.
Notifications from automations come, but devices and templates are not visible.
I will be very grateful for your help.

And we would be grateful if you would answer the questions we ask you.


Ok, no problem

Yes, I logged out and logged in again

Where could the problem be that I can’t see devices in the app?

I had the same problem about a month ago. Could not find solution so I needed to rebuild templates and put devices back online with the new templates. Luckily I was still in learning phase with only a handful of devices that we not deployed.

Something I discovered:
*** If a template is deleted from the phone app, it is not deleted from the web dashboard

So you have a 2 web templates with GSM and Kolno but they are not visible in the app. In the app if you try to create a new template with those names, it will say you can’t because they already exist. This appears to be the bug.

To to duplicate this problem. Create a new template in through the web interface, call it “from web” . Now refresh the app screen by scrolling down on the template page in developer mode screen. The new template called “from web” should appear.

Now, from the phone app select the newly created “from web” template, select delete this template from the drop down menu. The template will be deleted from the app , BUT in the web dashboard it is still there and there is no way to resync them. It must be deleted from the web template dashboard and any devices connected to it need to be reconfigured with a new template ID

I thought about the same to delete the template and create a new one by uploading new software to devices.

thanks for the answer

That statement makes no sense!


Why? Do you have any other solution?

It’s not how the process works. Devices cannot create templates.


What is your way of doing this.
If there’s any other way, I’d love to meet him.

Web console > Templates > + New Template > fill in the details > Save


Web Console > Search (spyglass icon) > + New Device > From Template > select the template created above > add device name > Save

Open mobile app and the device you just created will be visible, but showing as offline.

You can then go back and edit the template to add/edit datastreams etc and when you save these changes they will immediately be updated in the web console device view, and the mobile app.

When you want to upload the sketch to the board and get the device online then you copy the three lines of Firmware Configuration code from the Template screen and paste them into your sketch along with your static WiFi credentials. When the board is powered up and teg serial monitor shows it as having connected to Blynk then the device will appear as online in the app and web console.

If you need to use Edgent then the process is different. The first part is the same, but then the two lines of Firmware Configuration code from the Template screen are copied and pasted into your Edgent sketch and the sketch uploaded to the board. When the board is powered-up and the LED is flashing rapidly then you open the app and hit + New Device and the board is provisioned with WiFi credentials and a dynamic Auth Token and it will then be online.

Once again, you can go and update the datastreams in the Template at any time and these will be reflected in the device view of the web console and the device in the mobile app.

With either process, you can then create your web and/or mobile dashboards with the widgets you require attached to the datastreams you’ve created.

Widgets attached to the same datastream in the web and mobile dashboards will show the same data, and if they are input/action type widgets then either widget will change the value of the datastream which will then be reflected in the other dashboard. But, for example, adding an LED widget to the mobile dashboard does not also add the same LED widget to the web dashboard. The two dashboard layouts are independent of each other.

As you can see, creating the TEMPLATE is always teg first step and always a manual process (unless you use the QuickStart wizard).

DEVICES are created from TEMPLATES, either manually - as described in the first option - or automatically within the app if using Edgent.

That’s why…

makes no sense in terms of the Blynk process. Templates can’t be created by devices, devices are based on templates and the template has to come first and the template creation is done manually.