Blynk App does not send data to Blynk Server if using Bluetooth connection

Hi there,

I’m trying to use Blynk for a project, but I have a few issues with the communication between Blynk App and Blynk Server.

I’m using a ESP32 with BLE communication and so far I can connect to my Iphone XR (IOS 14).
Howerver, it looks like there is no way to send data from Blynk App (v2.26.5) to Blynk Server when using Bluetooth communication. Even when using Virtual Pins, their values are only available at the hardware and at the Blynk App. I tried to get them at the server using the Blynk API, but no data shows there, only when using Wi-Fi connection on the ESP32. I would like to know if there is any way to send data using widgets from Blynk App to Blynk Server using this kind of architecture

Love the plataform, by the way :smile:

If you do a little reading here you’ll find out that the data can’t get to the app if it hasn’t gone through the server. Having said that I have heard api doesn’t work at all or as expected with Bluetooth or BLE, but I have stuck to WiFi myself.

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