Blynk app connects to 8266 with different wifi

Hi. I want to create an app that can control smart lock remotely via Internet. My system has Arduino UNO R3 and ESP8266. The platform I choose is Blynk. I wonder how can I set up the code so that I can control my lock in any where in the world. Thank you.

I’d suggest that you start with a very basic code, like this one.

Just to make sure everything is OK and your device is connected to the Blynk server. After that, you can easily modify the sketch as you wish.
I’d also suggest using esp32 or nodemcu instead of arduino and esp8266 as wifi shield.

That’s how Blynk works by default.
You device that controls the lock will use the local WiFi to connect to the Blynk cloud server across the internet.

Your mobile app, or a device running the web console, then connects across the internet using WiFi, an Ethernet connection or mobile data to the same Blynk cloud server.

This allows you to control any device anywhere in the world.


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