Blynk app (Android) don't read QR code

After last update I cannot read anymore a QR code of projects. I try with different devices, but no one can read QR. I try by other app, and it will read immediately. My devices are S10, mi mix 2s and Huawei t5 tablet.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for posting the issue here too, as on the Play Store it is not comfortable to a start a discussion. I’ve retested on my devices - It looks working, maybe not so fast as before. We are using google scanner, so it can depend on the google services version on your devices, can you try to update them.

Also which exactly QR code are you scanning? Share QR, clone QR? Made with which version of the app?

I changed my app store review and also the number of stars;). I uninstalled and reinstalled the app again and now it seems to work. on S10 it is actually fast, while on tablet it takes a lot of time and you have to be very but very close to the code to read. On mi mix I have not tried yet

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Got it, thanks, updates us on the mi mix check when it will be done. We’ll check on our side what can lead to such behavior. By the way, there is an autofocus turn on/off button on the qr scan screens - it can help on some devices if you will turn autofocus off.

Hi Guys

Im trying to publish my project as a Preview (MyApp) and I’m having the same issue, when testing the device, I go to Configuration, and send my QR Code to my email, then I open Preview and it tries to scan the received QR but nothing happens, Ive done all the available updates
I have a Samsung Galaxy S8, and it works fine with other code readings.


A number of workarounds for similar issues here, and in the linked topic:


Thanks for that @PeteKnight

Althogh for what I can read in those posts, they could work arround the issue by scanning the uploaded file, unfortunately in the Export Preview Mode (for MyApp) it does not have that Load File feauture, only scanning from camera.


Today later a new build with a fix for qr scan issues will be uploaded to Google Play, it should fix this issue