Blynk API superchart

I’ve got a Lora node that sends a temperature reading to The Things Network (TTN). From TTN I’ve got a Webhook integration that sends the value to Blynk via the API service ( {{Value1}}) by means of IFTTT. The value is displayed on my Blynk project as a normal value display and works well. I would like to however use the superchart widget, but it is not working (only saying “No data yet…” even after the value display updated a few times). I’ve got the superchart linked to V3 pin. As far as I can figure out it has to do with the fact that I am working via the API only and not running an app on a controller with a timer, but I might be wrong. Any suggestions / help will be greatly appreciated.

So I managed to get this sorted by means of a few suggestions on various posts. If anyone has got the same issue here are the steps to get this going:

  1. Find your blynk-cloud IP address by typing ping into command line.
  2. Use this IP address in the HTTP GET http://add ip here/TOKEN/update/V3?value= {{Value1}})
  3. You have to have a MCU that has got blynk running linked to the project, however it does not have to be physically linked to the actual node.