Blynk API - Is Device Connected

I used URL format from documentation Is Device Connected - Blynk Documentation and I cannot get that to work. Also, the URL is different from what is used all the time[token]/get/V2 …this URL format works well. Please help

Are you using blynk IOT or legacy ?

The older one. Legacy I think

This is blynk IOT API, it’s not gonna work with the old blynk.
I highly recommend you to move to the new blynk instead.

Unfortunately, documentation for the Legacy HTTPS API has been removed, as the product is no longer supported.

However, if you look at the Legacy local server code you can work-out the syntax. Line 133 of this file…

Shows that the syntax for checking if a device is connected (the same check as is device connected in IoT) is:[Authtoken]/isHardwareConnected



Thank you <3, This is what I’ve been looking for

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