BLYNK Android app not save Super Chart datastreams user selection

Dear BLYNK Android app developer,
There is something annoying at least to me. As I use SuperChart having multiple datastreams, (four in my case), I need to have permanent the enable / disable of the datastream. For example in one of my case I have 4 datastreams as: Voltage , Current , Power , Total Energy. I need in many cases to have in view (active show on screen) only one of them, let’s say Power, and the rest in no view. I tap all that I don’t need to view and thus I disable theirs show on screen. Now the problem is if I switch to any other running application and later return back to BLYNK app. ALL the datastreams are active and show in screen. PLEASE give us this selection selectable by the user and not “all datastreams show on screen” each time when the BLYNK app lost its Android system focus.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

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We will fix that with the next app version.

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Many, many thanks!
I really appreciate your fast reaction to this.

Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

I expect to release a small update with this feature later this week. I’ll update this thread once I will upload it.

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