Blynk and Temboo

Helllo everyone,

My nam is Hung. Today, I have an idea about combination between Blynk adn Temboo.

As you know, Temboo is an icloud service that supports many platforms and applications from Google, Facebook, etc.

In the other hand, Blynk is great app for controlling and display on Smartphone.

Therefore, in my case, I have when my board (ESP8266) can connect to Blynk and Temboo at the same time. That means my board can receive both commands instantly without conflict ?

Because I see that, when ESP8266 is connected to Internet, it will connect to 2 dfiferent servers : the first one is Blynk server and second one is Temboo.

Does anyone have expencience with that? Thank you.

You need to setup multiple TCP connections from/to the board. The ESP chip supports this, (AT+CIPMUX=2 I think is the AT command to allow that). However, I’m not sure Blynk can handle that, but you can certainly try :slight_smile:

Integration possible also via WebHook widget. No need to handle 2 connections.

@Le_Vi_t_H_ng I am not sure what you mean but I have been using Blynk to control one of my projects and Temboo to message me since Blynk first went live. I still use it today on that project because I did not like that Blynk limits me to one message per minute. With Temboo I can send as many messages I need without delay.

I used their site to build the temboo.h file added to my project. It has been about 2 years since I did it but if you follow the Google Email directions in Temboo you should be able to do what you want. Their tech support was very helpful. Instead of emailing messages though I just send it to myself as text. In my case I use Verizon so the email to text is like this (x=your phone number)

Hope that helps