Blynk and LightBlue Bean with BLE (beta)

After the successful [SOLVED] Blynk and Arduino 101 with BLE (beta), I went on the LightBlue Bean.

  • The BLE widget can only be used once

I had to remove the BLE widget from my previous dashboard for the Arduino 101 so I could use it with the new dashboard for the LightBlue Bean.

  • No specific board available for the LightBlue Bean

I’ve selected Generic.

  • Blynk doesn’t connect to LightBlue Bean

Even though the tablet finds and associates the LightBlue Bean and the LED goes blue…

…Blynk doesn’t list it. The LED turns red briefly then switches off.

The coin cell is new and the standard LightBlueDemo runs fine.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

It was mentioned, thet BLE is in beta.

  1. Only one Bluetooth connection is allowed
  2. The list of devices will be updated over time
  3. Light Blue Bean is great, but they have custom protocol that needs specific development

Stay tuned.

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