Blynk and just wifi to phone


Will Blynk allow a connection from any microprocessor board with Wfi to the phone? I don’t want to use a service or port the info to the web.

My project is to monitor weather and I want to send it to my phone. I will be using a Wemos D1 Mini Pro and a Bme280.

The point is not in WiFi but in connection to the server: your device have to be able to talk to blynk server. The simplest option is to have your device connecting to the ‘Blynk Cloud’ server via internet - it is already there and maintained for you. Another option - install and maintain your own local server.

I just want yo do from the Wemos board straight to the phone. How can I do that?

If you insist on omitting blynk server, the only option is to use bluetooth module for direct communication. Direct communication via device’s WiFi is not supported.

Can the Wemos board be setup as a server? Seems I heard it can be done with raspberry pi.

Wemos is not powerful enough board to run blynk server. Yes, raspberry pi can.

You can potentially use the Wemos as an Access Point and therefore establish a HTML server allowing:

As Eugene said Wemos is not very powerful so you may face some limitations, Google Search for web server

However this is not thru Blynk App neither supported here.