Blynk and Continual background data [Android)

this issue is with regards to the Blynk android App, and it’s continual network usage (every second) when the app is not running (eg after a phone reboot). and there are no widgets which would want/need that type of data.

After Building a simple app, the blynk software works great, but I have an issue that I’ve noticed.

After closing the App (by both hitting the back button, or force killing the app) I’ve noticed there is still a background service which is still trying to send/receive data from the android client to the server every second…

This sould be optimized to not do this type of check if it’s not needed (there are no widgets /apps that need it).

I’ve had to disbale to blynk app (3rd party tool) to prevent it from abusing the network (and battery…)

Hello. It is already fixed and will be available in next release. Thank you for reporting.

I have so much at the current versions. Does not work.

@tomixps what do you mean?

the application does not work in the background. samsung s6

@tomixps should it?

blynk program does not work when you run the background on android.

Yes. And it shouldn’t. Do you need this?

much we needed because every time you need to completely leave the blynk.

Do you mean that after opening app back from background it doesn’t connect to the hardware?


Could you install this build: and send me log from it.

To send log:

  1. reproduce your issue
  2. make long press on screen title
  3. in the share dialog select gmail/mail and send configured email to

It should help us to debug and fix this issue.

after starting from the background there is such a mistake.

Once downloaded, the link says.

It’s not a mistake, app is not working in background, that’s why it is always reconnecting to the server after being foregrounded.

how to solve it.

It’s the way how the app works not and i could be not be changed from user’s side. There were too many requests of battery drain, when app was not stopping right after being backgrounded, that’s why it works in such way.

And in the future will function to enable this?

@BlynkAndroidDev, We (@tomixps and I) have been discussing this issue before, if i understood it correctly, his APP is not able to connect to server after loosing and regaining focus again. In every device I’m using with Blynk connection is re-established after APP regains focus in Android, and he has to close the app, and open it again to re-establish connection to server. That shouldn’t be the case.
@tomixps: Program nie łączy się samoczynnie z serwerem, wymaga restartu: Tak to w dalszym ciągu wygląda?

Reconnection issue was fixed recently. Should be fine in 2.0.3. In case it was cause for issue.

then @tomixps should try with 2.0.3

@tomixps: Sprawdzałeś na 2.0.3?