Blynk and AsyncLabs WiShield v2.0?

I All,

I would like to know if the AsyncLabs WiShield v2.0 is supported, I’m trying to use it with the wifi example but i have the “wifi shield not present” in the monitor.

Thanks in advance.

No the sample is for the official Arduino WiFi Shield, as it states.
We will collect more data about AsyncLabs WiShield v2.0 and implement it someday (depends on requests).
You may try implementing your own connection - there is an example for that:

BoardsAndShields -> User_Defined_Connection

This is for advanced users! You will have to provide a TCP channel to our server (read and write functions).

Thanks, I will try to implement my own connection.

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Please keep us posted on the updates. We would love to add this shield to the list of supported hardware.