Blynk and Alexa GET and UPDATE not working

I use Blynk since long time to control a remote ESP32 board and works great.

I’ve developped a voice control using Alexa Echo and it works fine when I send commands with “UPDATE” but when I use “GET” I recieve “Invalid token”.

Also when I send the get command from web I always recieve “Invalid token”

Both commands GET or UPDATE from web I receive invalid token while from Alexa “update” works fine but GET is not working…

I’m also trying to use Labview ,When I send the LOGIN message I always recieve no error with 17 (NO_DATA-EXCEPTION) as a feed back from the server instead of receiving 200 (OK) as it should.
I tried to change the blynk server after pinging it and replce it by but I still recieve invalid token.

Any help will be appreciated…