Blynk Airboard with a 9dof IMU

Hello Fellow Blynkers,

I’ve been trying to run the Adafruit LSM303DLHC/L3GD20 accelerometer/gyroscope (IMU) using the Airboard and Blynk App/Libraries. I first tested the sensor by connecting it to the Arduino Uno, and was able to read position and velocity data from it. Next, I disconnected the sensor from the Uno and connected it to the Airboard. I installed Blynk on my iPhone5 and LG LS665 phone (iOS/Android), created a History Graph widget and tried to run it, but got the message ‘No Data’ and ‘Device if offline’. The Airboard is powered on (blue light blinking), but the Airboard does not show up in the list of Bluetooth devices discovered on ether the iPhone or the LG LS665. I tried to use my laptops (Windows10) Bluetooth with the Arduino IDE to read the Airboard/IMU data, but it looks like the Airboard Bluetooth will only work with iOS or Android and that a Bluetooth dongle is required on a Windows platform. I set up the project device as 'AirBoard (Bluetooth), so I’m not sure why I cannot read data on either of the phones. I sincerely appreciate any help and wish everyone Happy Blynking.