nodemcu with wifi connection

i have a problem with blynk.air as before 2 weeks ago it was working and i was uploading a code via this feature perfectly, but it wasn’t working from 2 weeks as I said.

the message appeared to me is “Reached Maximum Number of Download Attempts” after 10 times “Request sent”

When you go in to the Blynk.Air screen and choose New Shipment then select your device…

  • Does it show it as being online (green dot next to the device name)?
  • What firmware version does it show?
  • What date/time is shown for “Firmware Update On”?


Dear PeteKnight,

Kindly be informed that I 'm trying it now again and it is working fine,
but yesterday before sending you my problem it was not working the last 2 weeks.
I don’t know what was the problem.

thanks for your response