Blynk 2.0 with TEENSY4.1

I consider to switch to Blynk 2.0 but so far I have not seen that teensy 4.x is supported yet ( only 3.x so far)
does anybody know whether 4.1 will work anyhow ?
As said I’m using 4.1 connected to an Ethernet shield (W5100) and a local sever.

libs used:

#include <Ethernet2.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleEthernet2.h>


You should provide as much details as possible, such as the full sketch, library version, and any other pertinent information.

The sketch has 4260 lines of code not sure what you will do with this? My question goes in the direction is Teensy 4.0 supported by 2.0 at all or do I need to switch HW (not my prefered solution at the moment)?
I have not tried to compile yet as I have seen that it is not supported
Libraries are all up to date and have the latest version ( sure except Blynk its 0.61 :wink: )

The library needs to be updated to the most recent version (1.1.0) if you want to switch to the new Blynk.

Also, checking the documentation will be a good start.

thats clear for me !
but again … teensy 4.x is not on the list of compatible products. Before I change the system I would like to have any indication if it is worth to do.

If my memory serves, the Blynk legacy compatible hardware list did not include the Teensy 4 either. I think you should give it a try first and see if it works or not before judging.

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It’s a pity you don’t take my advice of…

As I said before, if the hardware works with Blynk Legacy then it should work with Blynk IoT, with a few code changes. However, you’ve not shared your code (I see you say that it’s 4k+ lines long) or any other useable information other than the hardware and the version of Blynk you are using.

If you want assistance then I’d suggest that you create a bare minimum sketch which works with your hardware and Blynk legacy. After you’ve tested it then post it, along with your serial monitor output.

Then, try to elaborate on what changes you’ve tried to make to get it it working in IoT, including the steps you’ve taken regarding templates and devices in the Blynk IoT web console, and what results this shows in the serial monitor.

Unless you make some effort yourself you’re unlikely to be handed a magic bullet by the forum members.


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sure , I do not expect any magic help ! The only - or lets say the first - thing I want to know is if my HW will work with IoT version or not. This at least is not excluded as I have noticed so I will work on it and let you know