Blynk 2.0 Video Streaming Widget - ExoPlayer

Hi @BlynkAndroidDev , I see that the Video Streaming Widget has changed recently to an ExoPlayer. Since the change the RTSP stream that was working for me no longer works. I’ve tried numerous variations of the URL but no luck. Can you please assist with providing more information about integrating RTSP with ExoPlayer?

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Thanks for pointing this, I’ve missed creating an additional topic on this issue.

We switched back to ExoPlayer, because now due to the necessity to target Android 11, the previously used library crashes frequently, and it has not been supported for a long time.

In the next app’s build (to be released next week) we’ve added also a fallback to the native Android video player - on most modern devices it allows to play RTSP streams not supported by ExoPlayer. SO starting with the next app’s version it will support all video formats from ExoPlayer and native Android Media Player.

You can find supported by Exo Player formats here: Supported formats - ExoPlayer
Android Media Player list here: Supported media formats  |  Android Developers

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Unfortunately still no joy with rtsp after recent update :pensive:

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heh( can you send the logs - so I can check does all the layers (exoplayer, mediaplayer) failures, or maybe exoplayer is not switching to mediaplayer on error.

Sure no problems… What email address would you like them sent to pls?

Sent… Thank you.

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Yes, Media Player also does not support this stream too. Interesting that ExoPlayer error says: No playable track.

Was it media player a couple of weeks ago? It was working before exoplayer update :thinking:

It was some library bases on FFmpeg, but it has not been updated for the latest android versions. I will search for some stable FFmpeg libraries, but I can’t provide any estimates for that.

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I’m curious to know if any Blynkers out there has successfully streamed video from an IP camera since exoplayer was introduced in Video Widget.

Hi Everyone.
My name is Fabrizio, I am a “Maker”, I enjoy programming and making electronic circuits. It is a pleasure to be part of the community. Like many users, I have made the transition from blynk Legacy to Blynk 2.0. Having problems in channeling the streaming stream of my esp32cam on the blynk 2.0 platform. with few resources available to clarify how to proceed.

Does it work when your mobile device is connected to the same network as your ESP32 ?


thanks for your time

Currently my video streaming is provided via a cloud server with a string in https: //. In the tests carried out on the blynk 2.0 dashboard I entered both the local ip address with a code that locally streams the video stream, finding the message “error”. I made a further test by entering the string Https: // ~~ ~, encountering the same error.

Hi, please send logs from you smartphone (about → send logs → gmail → it should auto attach log file and fill to email) - i will check what may be the cause of the issue.

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Thank’s for your support