Blynk 2.0 user transfer Pro user

Trying to get a handle on adding and transferring a device to a user.
I made a sub organization, added a test user (myself with a different email and blynk account), on main web page I see it in my devolper page under my sub name, as being owned by that sub name.
but in the phone app and web page of the sub organization user it does not show up.

Did you send an invitation from the main account to your different email address?

From your description above, it sounds as though you have simply created an other Blynk account and expect it to show up in your main account.


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Did you invite that user or just registered it?

Sent invite, than used that invite to make the new account.
So now in my web portal I have,
my main Page, organizations with 2 my organizations, 2 with no devices, 1 with no users,
Users, 3 organization members, all has 4,3 with no devices.

still playing around.

Billy S.

I made a New Blynk account from an invite that was emailed by the server.
That new account does not have an add device option.
the chip is in provisonal mode, how do i get the new account to activate the device if there is no add device option?

Ok, got an email from Blynk Server
A device was transferred to your account.
But, when I log into that account, I still have at the
top of the app nothing showing up to use,
The left icon that gives me the My profile and Settings Tabs.
on the right side top I have the Three Bars that when clicked it slides to the right to a blank screen tab.

When I log onto the accounts web portal
I get same deal on the left side of the page.
At the top I get the Blynk icon
than it is blank until the bottom where the life jacket icon is with settings and profile tabs are.
I get that there will be a learning Curve to the process, but I’m not finding any clear instructions as how to set up device to sell to someone, and that was the whole reason to upgrade to the PRO. to find out if I could make a profitable product.
was so much easier making a device than adding a QR code to it. Why are the QR codes not being used for wifi?

That sounds like you created the user invitation with the role of “User” and are using the default permissions for the “User” role.
By default the “User” role has no permissions, so can’t view, provision or control the devices that they own.

If that’s the case then you need to edit the permissions for the “User” role.


Ok, Thanks.
I found were to edit roles of users once, could not find it at the moment, so did change user role to staff and that allowed it to work. will have to hunt to find the user edit permission page again.
Thanks for getting me back off the bumpy road I was going down, and onto a smother road.

Settings / Access / Roles and Permissions


Thanks, that is one place I have Not Even Considered.
I came across it once before, just couldn’t remember where.
You Rock
Thanks for your input

Billy S.