Blynk 2.0 use for bussiness

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i allready work with Blynk old version and Blynk IOT as well i want buy a plan monthly $149 but i have a doubt if i need to add extra Device means new costomer for the new customer i have to make a new gmail account ? example i upload the code ESP32 then we have to provide gmail account as well? that means if i have 100 costmers means i have to make 100 gmail ID ?
please teach me, and i allready give compalaint about the blynk iot user also have billing option i do want to show Biling option with my costomers

If you are using PRO plan, then all you need to do is to create a new organization and invite your new client there.

No need to create gmails. They will get your invite and create account by themselves.

After that, they can add devices by themselves or you can add them (or transfer)

Dear sir
Thanks for your prompts Reply sir but before invite client I have add they are house Wi-Fi credential right it will be Done when I was on same wifi network that means we have to go customer house then connect to the there’s wifi and then go to my organization invite the client right as I am right said sir? I thought we just create the new device inside the cloud and upload the code on ESP23 Board after upload we just sell to customer the ESP32 hardware Board Device they will connect they’re Wi-Fi connection we just provide them the manual PDF copy or video we do this way also can Right sir ? Please Reply my those questions sir I bit confused about this

I hope you hear me soon thanks you

Blynk.inject is the saviour here. It lets your customers set their wifi credentials right in the Blynk app.

  1. Your ESP32 board will start a hotspot for the first time.

  2. The Blynk app will find the hotspot and connect to it. And ask for wifi credentials.

  3. The device reboots and VOILA the product is connected to the router and ready to work. EASY PEASY.

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Dear sir thank from prompt Reply
Yes I know that Blynk will start a hotspot 1st time
Q1) what happened if customer change the wifi user name and password in future?
Q2) after I uploaded the code on ESP32 MY ESP32 Board will start a hotspot right ok so what my question is Blynk iot app I want use same Gmail account which is I am using for Or any Gmail account also can connect to that ESP32

They can reconfigure the device if the router wifi or ssid needs to changed.

You will have to create a new organisation and invite your customer by getting their email id. So when they login they will start to see the widgets that you have placed.

Sir I don’t have that Reconfigure options

Ok today I add and try that thank you sir

Click on the templet you will find two options
Spanner and 3 dots.

Click on 3 dots that will take you too device info page. Again click on 3 dots, that should give a pop up window to reconfigure device.

Dear sir thanks for you reply yes sir I will find it thank you sir

Long time allready just Scanning only cannot move to the next page after Fev minutes again come back to Ready

@Huzefamaz1 have you turned on the device? Could you please send the logs as well?

Thanks for your reply sir
Yes sir the device is online I attached here the log screen shot thank you

Dear sir
It’s a bug ?

To send the logs you need to go into the “About” menu and choose “Send Logs”. This will attach the debug logs to an email that you then send to the developers.


Dear sir thanks for your reply yes I will send them allready
Please solved all issues I want to use for my business thank you

Dear Blynk Team
thank you solve the problem once again thank you from the bottom of heart