Blynk 2.0 Time Input widget help and/or doc

Hi Blynk 2.0-ers.
I see the Time Input widget is available in Blynk IoT. Thanks!

Anyone here figured out how to use the handy Time Input widget in Blynk IoT?
It was WONDERFUL in Old Blynk, and I’m pleased to see it in Blynk IoT.
I’ve used this widget successfully in Old Blynk for input AND display of Start/Stop times.
However, the links in the app to Github Blynk IoT doc are all broken.

I’ve had no success with this widget in Blynk Iot.
How does one set up the Datastream for the new Time Input widget?

  • I’ve tried Virtual Pin with Integer or String

I’m unable to get the Blynk.setProperty or Blynk.virtualWrite code to execute. Compiles ok, Aborts on execution.

**Has anyone figured this out, please? **
Any doc beyond the old code in the Old Blynk doc?

All help welcome.

The datastream needs to be a string.
The values are in an array, like with the old version of the widget…

I’ve not tried using set property, but it would also need to be an array element that you specify, along with a value.

RTC is a little different now…

No need for a widget anymore, but you’ll still need the time library to make everything work correctly.


Thanks, Pete, for the instant response. I’ll see if I can make any progress on Time Input widgets.
I understand the String array you describe - same info that Old Blynk used.

I have been unable to successfully execute the Blynk.setProperty ( vPin, "label", ... ); command, though. I may ask again once I get the data part working.

All good on RTC, thanks. Blynk IoT RTC has been working well. (Question: RTC usually takes some time to become synced. I put it early in void setup so it’s completed by the time we execute code that needs the actual time. Is there any way to test if RTC has completed with the true time?)

Thanks again.

I’d put the RTC command in BLYNK_CONNECTED then maybe call it with a timer every so often.

There appear to be some problems with setProperty. I raised this issue in June and it’s received no attention since…