Blynk 2.0 Text input

Hey guys,

I bought the premium 2.0 trying to input text through the app onto an Arduino project and am struggling. Does anyone know the best route to go about solving this? I’ve tried both text input and terminal, both of which were unsuccessful? That could just be my lack of knowledge. If that’s the case, it would be very much appreciated if someone had an example of them doing that.


What datastream type did you use?


I am using V1


How did you configure the datastream ?
Some screenshots please ?

Not the app, the console

But what data type did you use for your V1 datastream?


I am using an esp8266

What do you mean by the counsol

@j3duck you should probably start by reading this…


While you setup your datastream as V1, you would have seen a option called datastream type. There you need to select “STRING” as your type. Not “INTEGER OR DOUBLE”.

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