Blynk 2.0 permission client managment

Dear Blynk Team
i have tested my hardware using Blynk cloud eveything is ok working fine , so i decided next month i want to subscribe the pro plan , i have 1 doubt once i give my client to as a admin he can add and delete the user right, but the problem is when i give my client to as a admin he also can saw the biling option i do want to give My client saw the biling option is there any another better way to share i dont want give see my client biling option? i want to give my client permission is they can delete and add thats is it Possible ?

That’s only if you invite the user to your own organization as an admin. With the PRO plan you will be able to invite him to a separate organization. In that case, he won’t see the billing.

Also, you can invite the user to own organization but with any other role that doesn’t have “Billing” permission:

Dear sir
thanks for your reply sir yes ok thats what i want .
after i buy this plan if i add this $4.99/device (one-time) so this device also i can control the pemissions right ?

sir if i buy this plan also have all those options right?

Allow clients / staff to control your devices using Blynk app

USD $41 /month
when billed yearly

  • 40 devices included
    • $4.99/device (one-time)
  • 20 users (add more if needed)
  • PRO Widgets
  • 12 months of historical data
  • Client management
  • Roles and permissions controls

You already get 40 devices when you enrol for the PRO plan, you only need to add additional devices at $4.99 each when you’ve used-up those initial devices. When you do add additional devices then you can control them in the same way as your existing 40 devices.


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Dear sir
thank you for prompet reply we can give permission to each customer defrent also right ?
example i have 20 customer 10 customer i want to give admin 10 customer i want to give as a user its possible right ?
and all customers they cannot see the other devices in there app right ? previous i purchase the device it will show inside my same id i invite user there also showing the
both devices in there are app i dont want like that i didnt want to show each deivce together
please take a look the picture i dont want like that must be seprate each device.
blynk iot

You need to create a suborganization for every customer and invite cusomterh into it. More info -

Dear sir
thanks for prompet reply i read that thank you
i want to share sub orgization means i must have the pro plan am i right ? whithout pro plan i cannot give any permition
i allready buy 1 device but i have any pro plan is it thats why i have only 1 orgnization option ?


Dear sir
Ok understand sir Thank you from the bottom of my heart sir