Blynk 2.0 Organization Architecture

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been playing around with Blynk 2.0 for a bit and I’m having some trouble wrapping my head around how the organization, location and user access is structured. Can someone take a look at the below image and let me know if it’s possible to setup this type of access structure in Blynk 2.0?

I think you need to add more info.

What subscription type do you have?

Are you wanting Loc1_User to only have access to the devices Loc1_Dev1 to Loc1_Dev3 inclusive, and none of the other users (other than the top level Admin user) should have any access to these a Loc1 devices?

If this is the case then I think you need to use sub-organisations to create this hierarchy and security access structure, which is a Pro feature.


Hi Pete,

Currently on the Pro plan. Correct, Top Level admin should have access to all locations/devices underneath. Loc1_User should only have access to devices in their assigned location. If I’m understanding you correct, I’ll need to setup sub orgs for each sub level instead of just locations, correct?

I believe so, but probaly a question that’s best answer by @Dmitriy


Your diagram should work, but I would change LOCATION 1, 2, 3 to Organization 1,2,3 because Location entity is not limiting access to devices (if I remember correctly :see_no_evil:). @Dmitriy could you please confirm?

Yes. Pavel is right. Location is just additional “property” of the user/device/organization. SO in general, you need to create 3 suborganizations in the first place (You can name them “Loc 1”, “Loc 2”, etc). After that is done, you can to create a location for every suborganization (so you can group devices within the location, if you need it).

But again, locations are not necessary for that structure. I would say that the primary goal of locations is to group devices and see them on the map as clusters.

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Thanks everyone. That clears things up.