Blynk 2.0 Notifications

I see that Blynk 2.0 has 3 levels of notifications - Info, Warning and Critical. I can see all three on Blynk.Console however on Android phone app I don’t seem to be getting the ‘Info’ notifications listed in the notifications list only Warning and Critical.

@GG07 it depends on the event settings. Have you enabled it to show in the notifications tab?

Hi @Dmitriy, yes I do have this setting enabled. I did a test and found that when I changed the type to ‘Warning’ (or ‘Critical’) it would show up in the notification list on mobile app (also pushes through an alert to phone) however when type is ‘info’ it does not show in notification list on android mobile app (but does send through audible push notification to phone). This may be normal operation on your side is it?

@GG07 do you use android or ios? We were not able to reproduce with Android.

Notifications tab is for critical or warning events of all devices. In the device info screen, there is a tab with all its events without any filtering.

Ok Thankyou so to confirm, device timeline contains log of info, warning and crital notifications and the notifications list contains log of only warning and critical notifications?

Yes, we assumed that the main screen timeline should contain all the latest events that require attention. All the events are available on the device info screen.

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hi friend do u have example code for blynk notification? i try get notification for my project but not work.

at app do we need add notification function (like old blynk) but i not found that function at new blynk app.

Hey @awegadget to use notification you have two options, one use blynk.logevent in the sketch, Log Events - Blynk Documentation
two use the automation

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ok thanks friend. let me check log events doc…

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hi friend… what mean " The events limit reached. You will no longer get new events today."
my log event set LIMIT PRIOD: 1 minute and EVENT COUNTER : 2
I just power on my project and not receive any notification.
when check Blynk console Time Line: " The events limit reached. You will no longer get new events today." :sweat_smile:

Blynk.logEvent("warning", "Seat belt pls..") ;// sent notification to hp every 1 minute


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ok understand… thanks Pete.

Good day, I’m excited to revise my previous IoT project that used the Blynk legacy’s notification widget to adopt to Blynk 2.0.

If the Automations method is used to receive notifications to a phone, does the same 100 event per 24hours per device limit apply for the free subscription?

Thank you.

Push messages generated by automations don’t generate events.
The limit appears to be 20 push messages per hour…