Blynk 2.0 Notifications on the phone on android 8.1.0 do not work. Everything is ok on other phones

Maybe you’re misunderstanding the difference between pop-up notification alerts, which appear on your phone’s home screen, and the “Send to Timeline” and “Send to Notifications tab” options available within the Event setup screen.

It might help if you read this to understand more about Notifications…

Also, rather than dumping observations about a perceived issue with the chart functionality of the web dashboard in a topic entitled “Blynk 2.0 Notifications…” it would be better to start a new topic about that problem, and include information about how the datastream that you’re attempting to plot is configured.

The same apples to development ideas about a facility to manually reset the event and/or notifications timers.

As you’ve stated that the initial issue you reported is now resolved, I’ve marked this topic as “Solved” and set a timer to automatically close the topic in 2 days.