Blynk 2.0 need to use GPIO pin 4

Dear Blynk Team
Dear Blynk team i attached here the picture for your refrence
i make the controller design using ESP32 and unfortunately i use GPIO pin 4 as a buzzer then my buzzer keep on sounding then i found the issue that GPIO pin 4 & GPIO2pin Blynk using as a led before i make my board design i just test for blynk legency it was working perfect now i move to Blynk iot i having this issue can anyone please help me can i know please how to i avoid GPIO pin 4. i didnt want remove my buzzer from my hardware because this is my alarm project i need to use buzzer as well

i hope your understand
i hope your Hear me soon

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Are you actually using a WROVER board that has a three colour RGB LED onboard?
Because that’s the configuration that this configuration is expecting.

If not’ then you may be better using the custom configuration (which is the default if you don’t un-comment any board type in the main .ino file) and defining a button and LED pin which work with your current hardware.


Dear sir
thank you from the the bottom of my heart sir
i just make a pin changes in Setings .h it will work sir thank you

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