Blynk 2.0 mobile app problem

Hello, I have a problem with blynk2.0. I installed the mobile app, signed in, and the app prompt took me to the web version. In the web version, I created a template, added the esp8266 device. I wrote the sketch into the device, it was determined online. I tried to transfer data from the sensor, everything is perfectly displayed in the web version. At the same time, no devices are displayed in the mobile application. A template created on the web version also does not appear on the mobile version. If you create a template in the mobile application, then it appears in the web version. Tell me what could be the problem?

It’s a pity that you didn’t follow the advice I gave when you PM’d me, about providing as much information as possible.
You haven’t even provided the basic information that you are prompted for when creating a “need help…” topic.

Is it possible that you have created two different free Blynk accounts, and that you are signed in to one on your mobile device and the other on your web console?
Do the organisation names match on both devices?

If that’s not the issue then you’ll need to provide significantly more information.


The problem is that I do not know how to describe this situation in more detail. I told the whole sequence of actions. The account is the same in the application and in the web version. If you create templates in the mobile version, then they are available in the web version, but not vice versa. All templates and devices created in the web version are not displayed in the application in any way. When creating the device on the web, I copied the device information and pasted it into the sketch from the example in the blynk documentation. This device immediately after turning on becomes online in the web version.

Are you using the QuickStart template?


No, I’m using a template that I created myself.

Okay, well how about starting with all of the info that’s requested when you create a new “need help…” topic, such as mobile OS type, Blynk app version, Blynk library version etc.

Then some exact details about the steps you’ve taken, the sketch that you’re using (correctly formatted with triple backticks), some screenshots of your template and device screens in the web console, app screenshots and anything else you think may help.