Blynk 2.0 login failure

Blynk 2.0 for iPhone/iPad.
When attempting to login, get persistent message: “Either email or password is incorrect. Please double check and try again”.
Both email and password are correct. Have used these credentials many times in the past. What’s up with this?

Hello, @Denny. What app version?

Blynk IOT Version 1.35.

@Denny Please send me to privаte message your login email to blynk app and your server.

@Denny I think you from USA. Yes?

Ah… yes. From the state of Virginia in the USA.

Getting the same error on login. When attempting to login, get persistent message: “Either email or password is incorrect. Please double check and try again”. Hadn’t logged in for a good while but trying to expand my existing project and start a new one. Tried resetting password thinking that might resolve the issue but didn’t receive an update email from Blynk. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks

Have you made any progress resolving the login failures? I have found that at least three more applications I have created for other people also cannot login. I need to get this resolved quickly.

Hello @Denny. Very strange issue. We don’t yet understand where the error is.

  1. Did you try login via web console
  2. Did you try to restore password via mobile app or web? I mean Forgot password? tab.

I can log into the project via the web console for but still not on the iPhone Blynk app using the same credentials. I tried two other projects created with those user’s email addresses and I cannot log into the website or into the phone app for either. I will try the “forgot password” method later today for the dlcarlyle project.

Hi @Denny ,

If you could send us app logs it would help us investigate the issue. To send logs:

  • quit the Blynk IoT App
  • go to system Settings app, find Blynk there and enable logging
  • launch Blynk IoT app and try to login
  • go back to initial app screen, tap&hold on the Blynk logo there. The About screen will appear.
  • from About screen tap Send Logs. Type a quick note what the issue is about.

I can do that but will have to be tomorrow. Thanks for following thru!

Okay. Just sent the log files as you requested. I noted “My organization”: 4245TK. Be aware that there are three more Blynk projects, each created under a different email address that also cannot be logged into with known good credentials. Thanks for the assistance. is the login for the log files I just sent.

I’m still having login issues with three of my Blynk 2.0 dashboards. Cannot log in via the iPhone app or web console. Attempts to change password are not returning an email from Blynk, which seems to be the issue you reported. Have you made any progress resolving this issue?