Blynk 2.0 / IoT glitch or bug on App

I have placed a numeric on the mobile dashboard on android and now when i try to edit or delete the same on ios app the widget just disappears. tried closing the app and reopening did not solve. Had to go back to the android phone n remove it.

Notice the numeric input widget on the dashboard and vanished on edit screen and reappear again on dashboard.


Hi @Madhukesh
Thank for the report.

That’s strange.

If you can reproduce this, or run into similar behaviour again, please go right after that to the About screen and send us some logs with notes of what happens. It would help us troubleshoot the issue.

Sure thing. Will share.

@Madhukesh is that still an issue, we were not able to reproduce it.


I had deleted the templet and created a new one just to check. It seems like :

When we add a widget from android and open the blynk app on ios the widget reflects. But when we try to edit or delete the widget from ios then it cannot be deleted.

And the same thing happens vice versa. But force closing the app and on both ios and android and reopening the app seems to solve the problem. Then editing and deleting of the widgets are possible.

Btw all my phone(android and IOS) are logged into my mail id and all are in developer mode.

Do you expect this changes to be applied in the realtime?

When the widgets appear as soon as it is added to the dash. Then it should also be editable on the other platform right ? Quite obvious.

Lets say i add an widget from android and leave it.

After few days or so when i try to edit the widget from ios that glitch happens.

Then i will have to go back to android phone force close the app, reopen, do the same on ios and get the thing on track.

If this sounds normal to you then no problem. Because these kind of scene happens only when we are playing around with widgets and testing. Once all set we dont go around adding or deleting widgets on cross platforms.

I thought it should be reported. If it would works like its intended to !! It would be really good.