Blynk 2.0 - How to transfer analog value from one device to another, like in the old Blynk Bridge?

Hi guys.
Need help.
How to organize the transfer of the value of the analog port of one device to another in the new Blink? In the old Blink this was easily solved through the Bridge. In the new Blink through Automation only a trigger can be triggered in device 1 (high or low) in depending on the triggering of conditions on device 2. But the analoge value from device 2 cannot be transferred to device 1.


Hey there,
Currently I’m using node red to send sensors data between devices, I recommend you to try it.

You can wrap the analog value into virtual stream and it will work.

You can use the HTTP(S) API to simulate Bridge functionality, if you are using an ESP device.


Can you explain this in more detail?


Hi Pete.
Could you give me some docs or examples how to implement this?


ESP32 version (which you should read anyway)…

ESP8266 code…


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Thank you so much, Pete. I will try.


Добрый день, Артем!

Подскажите, у вас получилось сделать пересылку данных? Если да, можете подсказать как вы это реализовали?
Было бы здорово с примером кода из скетча

@Renzo the right solution for you will depend on the hardware you are using. Without that information, any solution that someone else shares may not work for you anyway.


Good day, Pete!
I use a coupling of devices “Arduino UNO” for work with sensors and ESP8266 (ESP-01) for exit to web.
At first time i try to use Webhook, but it turned out that it doesn’t work with blink.api (it’s very strange why it’s closed…? )

You previously answered me that you can try node-red or an example from your sketch.
Unfortunately, node-red is still difficult for me (((
I try to use sketch from you post, mark as:

" [END OF 14th January 2022 EDIT]
I just tested the code using Edgent on a NodeMCU and it works perfectly…"

, but i too failed ((( the sketch did not want to be compiled.
Error with library “#include <ESP8266HTTPClient.h>”
At first she didn’t find sublibrary “wl_definitions.h”, then sublibrary “queue.h” , etc…
I downloaded the library from Githube site and installed it as expected, but, but, but…
As a result, I lost all my strength and gave up ((
If you can help me, I’m ready to show you my sketch and compiler errors.

I don’t know a way of doing it with your hardware, other than using Node-Red.

I am slightly surprised that it can’t be done with the Blynk Webhook functionality, although it’s something that I haven’t tried. If it did work then you would be limited to passing one value per minute because that’s the maximum frequency for API calls via the Blynk IoT Webhook.


I know, for me its normal. Problem with Webhook i wrote in this message Two device, two templates in one arduino - #3 by Renzo

Looks like Node-Red is the solution then, or use a NodeMCU or ESP32 instead of the Uno + ESP-01.


See below code.

#include <ESP8266HTTPClient.h>

#define BRIDGE_TOKEN "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
String server_name = ""; 

void StartGazBoiler( int startStop ){
  HTTPClient http;

// V1 virtual pin on the BRIDGE_TOKEN will get value startStop

  String server_path = server_name + "batch/update?token=" + BRIDGE_TOKEN + 
                       "&v1=" + int( startStop );

  // Your Domain name with URL path or IP address with path
  // Send HTTP GET request
  Serial.print("Sending ");
  long request_time = millis();
  int httpResponseCode = http.GET();
  if (httpResponseCode>0)
    Serial.print("HTTP Response code: ");
    String payload = http.getString();
    Serial.print("Error code: ");
    Serial.print(" <-----------------------------------");    
  Serial.print("Response time = ");
  Serial.print(millis() - request_time);
  Serial.println(" milliseconds");
  // Free resources

That won’t work for @Renzo’s hardware.


Good day, for all )

Yes, this sketch doesn’t work with UNO+ESP8266, there are some problems with libraries. I bought ESP 32 and this sketch works successfully, only I had to change this library:


#include <HTTPClient.h>

@John93 stay informed ))

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