Blynk 2.0 how to increase blynk notification limit

hello Blynk team
can i know please how to increase increase blynk notifications limit ?

i hope you hear me soon

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You need to send less Blynk.logEvent() per day per device. That’s it. Current limit is 100 events per device per day.

Per device 100 not enough for me I am working at alarm project I need more than this if I buy pro plan is increased the notification limit?

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I’d say that if you are producing more than 100 notifications per day per device then you are taking the wrong approach. People respond best when you use a “reporting by exception” approach - where the number of notifications is small, but the content is important.
If you bombard someone with 100 notifications per day then they’ll ignore them, or look for a way to silence them.



Thanks for replying sir
Yes sir that’s true thanks for giving your suggestion sir I will decrease the log events now

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Can I know please if I buy the white_label is the event is unlimited or still same ? Because I am doing 8 zone alarms system and arm disarm system so sure not enough ,

I hope you hear me soon
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White Label solution doesn’t have this limit.

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Ok sir thank you

Hello @Pavel ,

I do understand that basic plan has the limit of 100 notifications(events) per day.
We can send 100 push notifications per day.
What is the limit if I opt for maker/ pro plans.
Waiting for the response.

Thank you.

The same limits apply to Maker and Pro plans.

TBH, if you’re wanting to send anything approaching 100 notifications per day then you’re doing something wrong.
Bombarding people with notifications just leads to notification fatigue, and they are ignored. Far better to use exception reporting, where users are notified of exceptional or unusually situations that require human intervention or further investigation.


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Hi Pete,
I understantd the need of limit but I’m sorry 100 notifications per day is about 4 per hour, far from being a bombardment.
guess a care service with 70 clients each making 2 requests per 24 hours and you are out of limit
also remember that notifications can be shared and acknowledged by several users, limiting human intervention.
it is financially risky to access a white label solution to reduce the limit, without having experience with other plans
also in development process, it is a waste of time when after 100 test notifications you have to wait until the next day to resume tests

This limit can be adjusted on a Business plan only.

If each client has his device, it is two out of his 100 daily requests.

We don’t recommend abusing the notifications feature. I believe that 100 requests for the device are too much (4 pushes in an hour), as Android OS may block them in the end.

@PeteKnight is correct here; if you need more frequent updates - you need to think of a way to handle them without pushes. Google guidelines on pushes states the same.

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Hi Dmitriy,
each client is as virtuals pins of a virtual device shared by a care staff, I can explain my use case in private if you wish
the most annoying is not the miss of notification push, since we can push notifications by other ways, but is the timeline rupture, as well as the lack of information on if the limit is reached or not and the date notifications will be enabled again
@Pavel : is the Pro plan considered as a Business plan ?
don’t missunderstand my posts, Blynk is a very good system, I’m not trying to push the limits but trying to expose a use case you maybe did not think to when setting the rules
all my best 2024 wishes to Blynk team !

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No, Pavel is referring to the Enterprise/White Label plan


@brunog send me a DM with use-case overview. Thanks!