Blynk 2.0, Edgent, Offline Notification for non-owner user does not notify

Issue I’m having:
For the non-device owner user, they do not receive Device Offline notifications even though their preference is set as such. the Device Owner DOES receive notifications as expected. It is simply the second user that needs this to work

I am using the free version of Blynk 2.0, with BlynkEdgent, and have 2 users and 1 device

While I doubt the device hardware is helpful I will include it to be safe: Wemos D1 mini (ESP8266).
Device owner is using ios, and non-owner user (configured as Staff) is using android device (but I tried on an iOS device too).

I’ve tried to alter settings in case I misunderstand one, but that did not make a difference. Here are the settings for each of the two users:
Under the Notifications section of the User Settings, I have
“Mute All notifications” = Off,
“Notify when device goes offline” = ON,
“Keep screen always On” = Off
Don’t show offline notifications = Off

Other notifications for this device DO work correctly for the non-owner user, so I know notifications in general are working on both devices. It is simply the Offline notifications that aren’t behaving as I expect. And this may be because they are configured differently than other notifications such as Event notifications.

I’ve searched the forum for related topics and discussions before posting this question and checked sites and have a nearly bloody head now from banging. Any suggestions, pointers, or links are appreciated.

I have the same problem, I don’t know if someone on the forum can help us.