Blynk 2.0 duplicating widgets on template

Hiya everyone I’m looking for some help/advice. I believe I’ve come across a bug.

So I duplicated one of my templates as I set up a second device which will basically work in the same way as the first but with a few differences.

The problem I’m having is if I change any widgets on one template, after the app is closed from multitasking, it changes the other template and vice versa. How can I break this link as its very annoying? Or is it indeed a bug? Because none of the datastreams duplicate.

I’ve also come back on the app a couple times now to find all the widgets all messed up and overlapping -.-

Also the Tabs widget will only let me have 2 tabs yet I’m on android and it states I should be able to have 10…

What is going on? I’ve only been using the new bkynk 2.0 for a week and it seems way more buggy than the one blynk…

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What type of Blynk IoT subscription do you have?
The Free subscription is limited to 2 tabs.

As far as your other issues are concerned, are you using the latest app version?


Ahh I’m on the free subscription but it’s really misleading when it says in the info tab about how many tabs you could have. Maybe a “*subject to subscription” would make sense :thinking:

Yes I’m on the latest version, last update was the 14th of December I believe. I’m in the UK if that means anything too as I don’t know if they maybe release updates earlier in certain areas to kinda test for more bugs :thinking:

It happened again this morning. Sliders had disappeared on one template and time input had appeared from the second template -.- I’m not keen to buy a subscription if I’m having issues with the free version :confused: my last project was running years on the old blynk. I’ve now migrated to the new blynk and this is where the issues arrive. But my code is very basic, just switching relays ultimately.

Why are you duplicating the template instead of creating a new one ?

I thought it would be quicker. I’ve just noticed though, if I go to change the first template (developer mode) it switches to the other template, the duplicated one -.-

I’d create 2 templates one for each device and I recommend you to do the same