Blynk 2.0 Automation

Hello blynkers, this days I try to adjust in new blynk app, but I when I try to add automation I have only two options sent email or push notification… I would like to know what can I do so that to appear options for gpio pins- v pins ( for on/off relays)

                                             Thanks you a lot, Apostolis 

The datastreams that you want to be able to use in the automation actions need to have “Available in Actions” enabled…


Thanks you for quick answer! :slight_smile:

Last question:) what can I do so that to appear on or off? Because thus button is switch for o lamp and
I see only statistic numbers

I don’t understand your question.


Sorry Pete, I mean how to set an automation on/of such o relay… automation → time of day → add action → relay 27 → on/off not 0-1

Presumably, you’d need to define your datastream as a String and change the values between on and off - assuming that the automation process allows this, but that’s an extremely messy way of handling bi-state logical variables.