Blynk 2.0 and thingspeak run simultaneously

Hello all,
Im using esp8266
Im using rain sensor and dht 11 to get rain and temperature.
I want to display the data on both blynk 2.0 and thingspeak.
I make the blynk part successfully but struggled on thingspeak part.

Does the new blynk 2.0 allow thingspeak to run simultaneously?

Yes. You can use Blynk webhook for that:

is we bhook available for public

Yes. But only one.

It’s available to all subscriptions, if that’s what you’re asking.

I believe that you can only call a webhook once per minute.


And we can create only one webhook ? :thinking:

1 Webhook - for FREE plan
5 - for PLUS
20 - for PRO

I have pro plan, and I can only create one WebHook :thinking:

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Thanks for responding. I will check this issue and report to my team!

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Could you give some additional info, please. Do you see the “UPGRADE” button after creating of 1 webhook?

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I don’t understand the “new webhook” button just appeared :thinking:
Thank you !


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Ok, nice, probably you have checked it before latest deploy. Enjoy!

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Can i get the coding example for the webhooks

Hey there,
You can trigger the webhook by sending a value to the virtual pin, for example if you assign the webhook to V1 pin then you can trigger it using

Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, "value");