Blynk 1.0 (legacy) retirement timeline announced!

That’s what’s been happening for the last 3 years at least.
Now time to turn the Legacy servers off and save that cost, plus maybe encourage some people to migrate to Blynk IoT.


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The Blynk Legacy platform support stopped - May 27, 2021
Legacy app closed for new user registration - September 5, 2021
In-app purchases deprecated - September 30, 2022

BlynkIO started in May 2021

I guess it depends how you define “support”.

Legacy was in “bugfix only” mode since the 0.6.1 legacy version of the Legacy library was released in early 2019, as all development was focussing on Blynk IoT.

You could argue that as support for non-business users was always via the forum then support is ongoing, and will continue for Legacy local server users even after the end of the year.
However, I suspect that in this case the term “support” actually meant “development and additional feature requests” hence my comment.

Either way, it won’t really matter in 24 days time.


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You’re kidding me! Today (Dec 22, 2022) I receive an email saying it’ll be shut down in a 9 days. WTH???

I look at all my emails from Blynk and that is the only one about this. Terrible way to go.

My account here was deleted so I had re re-register. The server code at github is gone.

The purchased Energy is gone from 2.0? How can you do that? Take my $$$ and run!

So now a bunch of IOT devices I have scattered around the USA will not work???

I call shenanigan’s on you. Sheesh.

Hello Node-Red and MQTT. Bye Blynk.

There’s a copy here…

but I’m not sure it will do you much good.

Node-Red and MQTT. Is a great solution, but the Node-Red dashboard is awful.
Personally, I’ve always used MQTT and Node-Red as my rules engine, with Blynk as my user interface. You should try it with a free Blynk IoT account.


Oh no! Just finding out about this and my account no longer works to even log in to see what is replacing this… I wish I had known sooner!

it was announced a year ago !

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Hi Pete, Can you please give a guide as to how to do it, specially the Nodered to Blynk portion. I will suffer when legacy is shutdown as I have used the "bridge’ feattuer a lot. I thought the sofware stack you proposed is the way to go for people like me who are not experts in using API or HTTP.

Follow the links in this post…


Hi Pete,
Thanks for all the information you provide and for keeping the github repository.
I have supported Blynk since the Kickstarter campaign on all platforms.
For the moment, I have switched to a local server with the Blynk legacy as this fits much better my needs than the new Blynk.
I am concerned about the example website

Will it stay ?
Is there a possibility to move it somewhere ?
Thanks again


I don’t think it’s that simple.
However, the examples are part of the library, and I cloned the last Legacy library version (0.6.1) to here…

And it’s also still available on the main Blynk library releases page here…

and I think it’s still available to install via the Arduino IDE too.


I know these, including the install via the Arduino IDE, but the example website is I believe more complete, and much more pleasant to use. Its fast, also.

For my home projects i liked the Blynk 1.0 mutch better. Blynk 2.0 is just hassle. A simple in app button for opening a garage for three family members is not possible without paying 500 dollar pr. Year!!!

So i’m nott see the big usage for Blynk 2.0 in the long run for me.

Lucky you, I didn’t even get an email. My last email from Blynk was from June 2021 and never mentions that existing products would stop working. Only found out when a customer told me the integration had stopped working for them.

I get they posted about it, but for those of us that don’t frequent this forum, you think they could have let us know.

Lack of communtication is a deal breaker for me, so I guess bye blynk.

And sadly, it looks like a home server may out of the question since the iDevice app puts up a banner “No Server Connection” at the top of the screen, covering up the tool icons that I presume (if memory serves) would allow me to change the name / address of the server.

When I get a chance, I might go into my router logs and see where it is trying to connect and see if I can re-route that address.

This is not working because there is a permission bug, which requires more time to fix than we anticipated.

Once fixed, if you have Plus Plan, your invited users will be able to control devices within organization.

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Sorry you didn’t get the message.

We sent a ton of emails and ton of push notifications in 2022. We also announced it through all the social media channels.

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I am concerned about the example website

This will stay

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Thanks Volodymyr,

I appreciate that. Consider that this is a tribute to your early supporters.