Blynk 0.4.5 ? (At least this is what Arduino IDE is saying)

I selected checked for updates in Arduino IDE V1.8.1 under Tools/Blynk and it says Blynk v0.4.5 available…but I can’t download it nor is it on

I believe 0.4.4 is the latest library, actually released.

There have been a few little issues (like this) with the IDE based updater, and I don’t recall any official “it’s fixed” so I don’t think we are to trust the updater in the IDE quite yet.


I found the link I was remembering… We just need to wait until the “official” library update, then the IDE updater should be fixed as well.

Tbh, I’m not using the Arduino IDE anymore. Recently I switched to PlatformIO. It appears to be working very nicely, with a few tweaks. PlatformIO is build on top of Atom (a very nice text editor!). Once you get the hang of it, it works so much better than that stupid Arduino thing.

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Dear friend,
I was considering to switch to PlatformIO but I need to know: is it equally compatible as arduino IDE is? Furthermore what tweaks are needed? Is there any good how-to?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

missed that thread - thanks for update.

I’m afraid there is no really good HOWTO. I was planning on writing something, but there are differences in the OS where you run the platformio. It appears to be working fine on my MacBook, but my Windows PC has given up on it. I get all sorts of weird errors there, but not on my Mac, so there is definitely work to be done in that department.

The most important difference between PlatformIO and Arduino is that you add the libraries on a per project basis instead of with one big heavy library manager which takes in all projects.

I am getting however, very silly errors with for example the RTC widget and the Led Widget. Whereas it works fine on my MacBook and on the Arduino IDE, platformio appears to be more strict, so I do have to figure that out.

@mikekgr very steep learning curve with PlatformIO and I quickly went back to the rock solid Arduino IDE.

I was hoping platformio could make me switch easy from my WIndows PC to Mac platform … the harsh truth is that @Costas is right. If you don’t want to fiddle for hours to fix library dependencies you better stay with the regular IDE, though admittely the syntax highlighting and such is very crap on the Arduino IDE.


There is a way to use the Arduino library path, by setting an environment variable. Thus one could use multiple platforms to change from Mac to Windows and vice versa. Playing with that a bit now, seems promising

OK I got my picture now.

Thanks a lot guys, I will stick to Arduino IDE !

Well, I couldn’t give up that easy, so here is a little story for all those who want to try the PlatformIO IDE. I’ve written a little tutorial for it:

It’s definitely not a step-by-step! You are expected to have a little base knowledge. The manual of PlatformIO is also very comprehensive, so that is also a good place to look (I found everything there).

And I didn’t even scratch the surface of what can be done with it. It also has very powerful terminal for controlling libraries, builds, and so on.