BlykEdgent -Blynk.begin()

I had a Blynk project running in Blynk 1.0
I now inplemented Blynk 2.0.
I have BlynkEgent running. It connects the hardware en shows önline"on the console.
So there is allready a wifi connection to Blynk.

I should not have to use Blynk.begin with parameters, on one hand because I do not know the Auth-token because that is dynamicly create by BlynkEdgent and the wificonnection is allready there.

Now I have problems understanding how to connect to the data streams.
I defined datastreams in the app, and they also show on the console.
Blynk.Begin() in setup en seem not to do the job.

Most examples use Blynk.Begin() with parameters. I was not able to find a example using BlinkEdgent and Blink.begin()

Could you help me a little on my way?

Blynk Edgent is already a fully functioning example, it doesnt need you to add anything other than your template ID and Template name, and to un-comment an appropriate board type to suit your hardware - or modify the custom board type in Settings.h to suit your hardware if non of the preset types are appropriate.

Presumably you used virtual pins in your Legacy app, and if you’ve created virtual datastreams then you use them in exactly the same way as before - using BLYNK_WRITE(vPin) callbacks in your Edgent sketch.