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I received my Bluz unit this week and excitedly began to investigate the Kickstarter-advertised integration with Blynk but was unable to compile the example sketch from the Particle IDE Blynk library. The same sketch works fine on the Photon and the Core. I can see that this unit isn’t supported yet in the library source, but I have some questions about how you plan to integrate the two.

Will you support ultra low power bluetooth modes, where perhaps is called via interrupt so that the main CPU can sleep most of the time? Will the Blynk phone app support speaking bluetooth directly to a Bluz (if paired with the phone) without the requirement for a gateway or Blynk cloud?

Hi. Bluz is not supported yet. BLE devices need changes on application side, we’re still working on this…

@vshymanskyy bluz can also work over wifi. It’s a photon device

Anyway we don’t have the hardware to test it, and it might have limited internet support, so need to check.

Thank you for your response. Eric over on the Bluz neighborhood mentioned that he sent you the hardware some time ago in this thread.

Just received the Bluz board - and took several tests with it!
Unfortunately the Bluz API does not include the TCP Client implementation.
This means, we will have to wait for the Blynk direct BLE support for this board.

I see. I thought that you could speak TCPClient to the Bluz gateway, which would then forward on to the Bluz DK unit over bluetooth, sort of how the Bluz DK runs Tinker in a compatible way with the Photon android app. But I’m sure you know best. I’ll be first in line to test!

@rgm … You know me from the Bluz project – the Timer class thing, thus far. I happen to also be a Blynk account holder, though sadly I missed the Kickstarter so don’t get to see as much as others.

You’re right that Blynk would have to talk to some form of TCP client/server on our Bluz gateway. I’m leaving this message just to let you know on the Blynk side of the park that I’ve decided to take this one onboard.

I recall that the Blynk client for Photon is freely available. So I should be able to morph that into the Bluz gateway Photon and then set up the necessary data translation for the Bluz BLE network.

See you back over at this post in Bluz neighbourhood.

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Thanks. BTW, the example for Bluz direct connection there for over 2 years already…