внешний вид Blink

Здравствуйте! Подскажите, а есть ли возможность менять размер виджетов? настраиваю панель управления “умного дома” на планшете, и уж больно все мелко…
И еще бы вид на альбомный изменить самого приложения

Hey there,
The web dashboard or the app ?

The size of widgets in the app

It’s simple, make sure you’re in edit mode and click and hold the widget then release and you will be able to resize it.

Yes, but only its width

Which specific widgets are you referring to, and on which mobile OS?


for any widget, only the width changes. Android 4.4.2

for example, “slider”

I’m an iOS user, and in the iOS version of the app the slider can only be re-sized horizontally.
However, many other widgets can be resized in both directions. For example, the button widget can be resized to fill the whole of the screen if you wish. Is this not the case in the Android app?


It’s the same in android, the slider can only be re-sized horizontally as well,