BLE Particle Devices

Hi I am trying to connect to an Argon with BLE, additionally I will be connecting Photon, using a HM-10, but for now I am wondering why I can not compile the example. What is left out or not connecting with the Blynk Libraries. I know it’s in Beta so how can I help test?

I keep getting error

03_bluz_direct.ino:36:5: ‘BLESerial’ was not declared in this scope

However I noticed that according to BlynkSimpleSerialBLE.h it should be SerialBLE so even if I change it to that I get error

’SerialBLE’ was not declared in this scope

Difficult to say when we don’t know which example you’re referring to.


It’s part of the error code “ 03_bluz_direct.ino

Here’s the Blynk Particle direct link for the example:

The github version for this example should be the same which is where it gets it from:

Well ok I am trying to use the HM-10 with a Photon currently and this example “03_Bluz_Direct.ino” in the Blynk library where as I cannot compile it, it looks like its more directed toward perhaps this I could be wrong but the example name 03_Bluz_Direct.ino seems likely. So I am trying to make HM-10, Blynk and Photon all work properly. I am thinking I need to look at an arduino example for BLE TX/RX and go from there.