BLE - HM-10/HC-08 iOS

So I bought a HM-10 clone -> SH-HC-08 because I thought it was compatible, at least beta. I’ve scoured through forums going back 3 years and there are no real solutions. The module was tested with other apps to confirm its working. Baud is default 9600 according to the specs sheets. I am working with the example sketch Blynky Blink . I have reversed the RX/TX pins to no avail. I have a cloned nano and have tried pins 10,11 and 6,7. I have an iphone X, so I cannot use the beta app but if someone knows if I can get a beta library or some other solutions would be appreciated.

Also another thing I would like to ask is my BlynkysimpleBLE.h or however is always grayed out but I have confirmed it’s in my library which I have done 2 clean installs of. Would this cause problems?

I usually get 3 or more lines of connecting in console and then it timesout. The BLE module would be best for my scenario because it’s more compact. Thanks in advanced.

Not even the iOS beta App?

Can you clarify… grayed out where??
PS there is no 2nd y in Blynk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BT/BLE still requires the App, Server and MCU, just as Wifi based MCU does… so how is it more compact?

Sorry. I did not know there was a beta app for iOS! My only other option is a esp8266 module. If I try to use the breakout board it will not fit into my project without Mad Maxing it. Thanks again!

And the BlynksimpleBLE.h is always grayed in sketches but I haven’t gotten any errors uploading the sketches.

If problems persists would the esp 8266 work with a nano? Software serial should work? Because it’s not a drop down option, plug and play.

I still cannot connect to SH-HC-08 with the beta app. I modified the Blynk Blink sketch to include
void loop()
if (SerialBLE.available()) {;

because I read somewhere that it might help.

Has anyone gotten a hm-10 or hc-08 working with iOS? Can you share the steps you’ve taken to make it work seamlessly.

I haven’t ever made BT/BLE work seamlessly, reliably, etc. At least with Blynk… so I guess that is my point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think you are confusing the IDE’s colouring scheme as an issue… that’s just the way it looks.

Yes, I use the ESP-01 as a WiFi shield on a few different Arduinos, it has its detractors and can be persnickety to set up for some, but once done it is seamless. I even use one programmed as a “standalone” Blynk project, and it works perfectly as long as you only need 2 (or possibly 3) pins,

Yes, with my module through the serial monitor it says ESP is not responding, but on the app I can connect to my project. Is this right?

I don’t understand the context of the question… ESP WiFi or Arduino BT/BLE?

Sorry. I am trying with the ESP Wifi now.

Then please setup a new topic with details. Thanks.