BLE connection via internet

I have succeeded to work Blynk with BLE device(BLE nano) as following connection.
“SmartPhone(Blynk app)” --(BLE connection)-- “BLE device”

My next step is connect BLE device via internet like this.
“SmartPhone A(Blynk app)” --(3G/internet)–“SmartPhone B” --(BLE connecion)–“BLE device”

Can I do this ?
If so, how can I setup BLE connection on SmartPhone B ?

Bluetooth and BLE is currently only meant as you first described; App <—(BT/BLE)—> Device. I don’t know if the Developers have any future plans otherwise.

Combining BT with normal Blynk Server connections also seems iffy… I have briefly tried testing an app project running multiple devices, one being BT connected, but I did not get any satisfactory results on the BT side as of yet.

As for you 2nd idea, I don’t see the benefit of it, nor do I think it will work anyhow. You are basically trying to utilize Smartphone B as a form of a shield that it is not designed for, nor supported. Stick with a proper 3G shield, at least there is support for that :wink:

Thanks for information.
You are right that my 2nd idea has limited benefit. But my project wants to connect “low power device(e.g. BLE)” over internet.
Here is 3rd possibility, but I think this also imposible…
“SmartPhone (Blynk app)” --(internet)–“PC/Windows” --(BLE connecion)–“BLE device”
What do you think ?