BLE broken? *RESOLVED*

Hi, I’ve had a Blynk project using BLE for a few years now and just today it decided to sit forever on connecting… before giving up. I tried connecting to other devices such as my computer, and the widget fails too. This is the first time it has happened and I haven’t changed any of my code.

I’ve tried:
Reinstalling the widget
Redownloading Blynk,
Resetting the arduino,
Restarting my phone.

The devices still shows up in the ble connections list but won’t connect like they have in the past. My code is very long, (>2500 lines) so I’ll spare you that unless it’s requested.

Again, all this stuff was working yesterday and I didn’t change anything

Turns out the


went from being useless to harmful. I deleted this.

When you post code on the forum it’s triple backticks that are needed around the code, not triple single quotes.
I’ve edited your code to fix it. In future, triple backticks look like this: