BLE board and Wifi board in 1 project

Hi guys,

I have a problem here. I’m running a BLE nano on my blynk now, and its working perfectly. What can I do to run the ESP8266 on the same project as well? I’m trying to put in the same auth code but it doesn’t work. Your help will be very much appreciated!



Hi William,

Currently it’s impossible, as project with a connected ble board send all of its actions to the ble board. It’s possible to make it work in future not only with BLE, but now we are working on other features.

Thanks for clearing my doubt! Please make this feature available in the future!

@William_Lim_Wei_Yap perhaps explain your project.

I’m guessing they can effectively be in the same project.

ESP connects via TX / RX to BLE Nano. Then use Bridge widget to make a single project?

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