BLE/Bluetooth and Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense


Is there a way to connect Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense with BLE/Bluetooth to Blynk? I did not find anything working within examples:

There are topics within forums but mostly not replied by anyone, either community and staff.

Other Arduino Nano series are miss support for Blynk connection except simple serial what still not works for Nano 33 BLE Sense as it uses UART.

Blynk staff, community, any sense and quick solution? I would like to build few projects using Blynk paid version but I base nearly all of my projects on Arduino Nano boards which are not new but still miss Blynk support. Thanks.


Why requests about Nano support get constantly ignored?

This is a community of Blynk users, and and I’d guess that the majority of regular community members use NodeMCUs, Wemos D1 Minis or ESP32s connected via WiFi.
Many of the other forum members probably use Arduino UNOs or Megas, connected via ESP-01s.
A smaller number will use other devices, and other connection methods including Bluetooth/BLE.

So, you’re aiming your question at a very small number of people and this is probably why very few people are in a position to help.

If you have a requirement to use a specific board and connection method with a paid project then this probably isn’t the place to ask that question, as it’s the support forum for the free version of the app/software.
The guys over at are the people to contact, but bear in mind that at the current time they may be working in a non-standard way and they may have other priorities in their lives at present.



I thought it is a community that belongs directly to Blynk and that they follow it. Sad. If over time they had no interest supporting pretty popular boards then likely nothing will come shortly. Need to sort out other solution. Thanks

The forum is facilitated by Blynk, and Blynk staff do frequent the forum from time to time.
At the moment (or at least prior to the Coronavirus outbreak) their priority was focussing in paying customers and developing the new version of Blynk (often referred to as Blynk 2.0 on the forum). These two things go hand in hand, as much of the 2.0 functionality is being developed at the request of paying customers. The current (v1.0) version of Blynk is in bugfix only mode, with no new development taking place, as all new development will be in the 2.0 product.

If you want to contact the Blynk team to discuss development for a paid project then doing that directly - via is your best option.


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Nano 33 is based on the nRF52840. You might want to look for questions on that chip or the nRF52832. There are also other manufacturers that have made boards based on the same chip. I got a Redbear Nano 2 to work a couple years ago.

Thanks Pete. Any news on when they expect to release 2.0?

None whatsoever I’m afraid.


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