BLE(Beta) Issues with My Project

Hello everyone,
I am a student currently using Blynk to wirelessly control a stepper motor. I was able to turn the stepper motor with two physical buttons (one button to turn the motor clockwise, the other to turn the motor counter clockwise) and I am now trying to turn the motor (again with two separate buttons) on Blynk. I am using an HM-10 to connect to the stepper motor circuit, however I cannot seem to connect it to the Bluetooth widget. I was told to use the BLE(beta) widget (on android only), however the app wont let me use it. Any advice will help, thanks.

With Blynk, the BLE and Bluetooth widgets are part of a serverless communication link between the App and the device. You cannot communicate directly through it.

Rather, set up control widgets with virtual pins and use the appropriate Blynk functions in your sketch to manipulate the digital pins and your existing stepper control code.

@Gunner thanks for the advice. Would I need another form of wireless communication (i.e. an ESP8266) for the virtual pins?

I would recommend starting with the “usual” WiFi connection to the Blynk Cloud Server.

Then later on you can experiment with the Bluetooth “server-less” connection option… which BTW is still a work in progress, as I understand it

@Gunner thank you for all your help