Black theme

I love it :heart_eyes:



Me neither, dark theme is the best.

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They promised we will get it before the end of the year :thinking:

We have 30 more days left!! Lets see :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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25 th December :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::mrs_claus::evergreen_tree::christmas_tree::stopwatch:

Yeah right !! I went by the number of days left on the calendar :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hi, seriously, was using old Blynk, loving it. Now was trying to migrate my projects to Bllynk Iot, and I’m so disappointed. One of the things that drive me mad, is why a society who have such pricing plans isn’t capable to provide a so requested Dark mode in mobile app ? It’s a one-day work for a Trainee developer. Please, Blynk Team, don’t you realize how ugly and uncomfortable this Blynk ioT Android app looks like ?


it’s already April 2022, c’mon, I’d been waiting for almost a year for this dark theme

@JasonKhoo25 many of the Blynk senior staff are Ukrainian, and some are still living in the Ukraine. Day to day life for them must be very difficult to say the least. The other staff who have friends, family, property etc in the Ukraine must also be extremely worried by the current situation.

As a company, Blynk’s first priority will be to their corporate customers, especially those who are going through an onboarding process which requires bespoke development, and its these customers who usually drive the primary development priorities.

Blynk have recently said in another topic on this subject that the dark theme is currently being beta tested. I guess it’s release will depend on how that testing goes, what issues the beta testers flag-up, and how the timing of the final sign-off fits-in with the the app release schedule.

Are you doing your bit by being a part of the beta programme?



Pete, can we still opt into the beta programme?

Do you use Android or iOS ?


I use Android and I never received invite to be beta tester, even if I am Blynk legacy beta tester since the first days, that’s bad :pensive:

I thought you joined the Android beta program by scrolling down the PlayStore entry for the app and clicking the beta testing link.


I did, but there is no option to join beta :pensive:

Question for the product design team…
I Received an email on 4/20 from Maria/Blynk discussing the recent updates.

What service plan is considered Business… Pro, plus? Or is this referring to the Web dashboard?

Thanks, Mike

@M_Angeles this one - Business Plan | Blynk IoT Platform

Thanks Dmitriy, guess we’re just waiting for it to make it down to the masses.


Finally, dark theme is available on the Blynk IoT app!!! Big thanks to the Blynk developers!!

How come i have no update available on the app store ? :face_with_monocle:

Oops i read IOT as IOS. My bad. Sorry :ok_man:t2: